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our latest collections – each pattern and its colorway can be seen, along with photos of most designs.

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Rue de Seine
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Thibaut Custom Program

Thibaut provides custom wallpaper and fabrics services for your special projects. Below are the details on our programs. If you require additional details, please contact your sales representative.

Print Fabrics

Thibaut prints can be custom printed on a number of base cloths which can have different fabric contents, - blends of cotton, linen and other natural and synthetic fibers as well as various weaving techniques - sateen, sheeting, drills, and sailcloth (sample sets of greige goods are available).

Fabric natural fibers and Avora® polyesters.
Minimum order requirement is 30 yards.


Commercial Grade Print Fabrics

Thibaut print fabrics are originally treated with a Teflon protector. If a project requires fabric for commercial use, Thibaut will need to produce a custom print run that meets the federal and state regulations such as fire retardancy and any additional protections needed. All Thibaut fabric designs can be printed on Avora® polyester woven goods, which are inherently fire resistant and meet all 701 specifications.

Minimum order requirement is 225 yards.
A down payment of 50% or more is required on custom production runs.



Thibaut's wallpaper can be converted into a print fabric if it meets the following criteria:

Minimum order requirement is 30 yards.
Wallpaper does not contain metallic or a black background, which are hard to translate into a
   print fabric.
Thibaut requires a $350 non-refundable down payment.


Commercial Grade Wallcovering

Depending on the mill that produced the product, Thibaut wallpapers can be converted into Type I or Type II grade vinyl wallcoverings that are suitable for commercial use in public spaces.

Minimum order requirement is 500 single rolls.
A down payment of 50% or more is required on custom production runs.
May require the purchase of additional print tools (screens or cylinders).
You have the option of ordering 27" wide double rolls (bolts) or
   54" wide X 30-50 yd bolts on 3" cores.


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