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Our History

Thibaut Historic Photo

1896 Thibaut logo

Richard E. Thibaut (from left, 5th man)
and staff New York, NY circa 1889.

Family Oriented Business

Still bearing the founders name, Thibaut Inc. was founded in 1886 by Richard E. Thibaut. Once heralded the "world's largest wallpaper company," Thibaut began as a successful retailer and multi-branched distributor, with distribution points in Boston, New York, and Newark, NJ. In 1953 the Thibaut family sold the operation to company employees. Thibaut was eventually acquired in 1976 by RPM, a world leader in specialty coatings. In 2006 Thibaut was acquired by Riverside Company, who along with Thibaut's management team presently own the company.

Over the years Thibaut has changed its profile from a wallpaper distributor to an upscale design house but still operates as a close-knit, family-oriented company. Currently it is the oldest continually operating wallpaper company in the US.

Wallpaper of Choice

Thibaut is the wallpaper of choice for both designers and that of our highest political figures. The company's designs adorned the walls of Lyndon B. Johnson's ranch as well as the White House during the Clinton administration. Being a preferred choice of designers, Thibaut also decorates many designer homes such as that of famed clothing designer Cynthia Rowley — as seen in the September 2002 issue of Elle Dˇcor.

As the company founder, Richard E. Thibaut, once wrote in 1887 Thibaut provides "the choicest colorings and designs which are unsurpassed by any line of Wallpapers offered." We hope you will agree Thibaut is continuing in this tradition.

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