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our latest collections – each pattern and its colorway can be seen, along with photos of most designs.

Grasscloth Resource 3
Woven Resource 6 Geometrics 2
Graphic Resource
Rue de Seine
Woven Resource 1 Textures

Thibaut Testimonials

If you would like to submit a comment for our testimonials page, please contact us and share your experience with Thibaut product.

"I am a 30 year wallcovering installer in Connecticut and want to send my praise for a product I recently installed. Papaya from the Chelsea Collection, it was a real pleasure to hang this one!

I commend your company for this fine product, a real feather in the industry's cap. With more like this we will all be back to capacity again!! I also liked the booklet shipped with it, good ideas for those looking to improve their skills. I already use many of the ideas and had one to share. When you store the pasted sheets in the plastic bag, squeeze a little water from a sponge on the rolled up sheets and they will stay useable a lot longer."

Paul Stanley
Professional Wallcoverings by Paul Stanley
Hartford, Connecticut

"Every book is a treasure, innovative happy and chic. Exceeding in quality and style of wallpaper twice the price."

Interior Designer
Four Walls, New Jersey

"Every time a new Thibaut book arrives, we can't wait to open the package. We know it will contain the very latest styles, designs and colors."

Thom Sweeney
New Home Interiors
Lakewood, NJ

"The color and style of ThibautŐs designs are perfect for the Richmond Area. We love the clear, bright colors and the diversity of patterns. Thibaut has a unique, trend-setting look that complements all styles of décor."

Candace Drake
Williams & Sherrill
Richmond, VA

"I find the Thibaut website to be so easy-to-use and also inspiring. I love how you include a room setting with all of your products. These visuals make the product very easy to sell to my clients. Thank you!"

Sherri Drogue
Bluebird Hill Interiors
Pound Ridge, NY

"We refer to Thibaut books most often for our projects and adore the fresh vibrant color palette. The designs inspire us to create beautiful homes for our clients!"

Myrf Bowry
Richmond, VA

"Thibaut has taken the initiative to present new and fresh designs for print fabric which we feel is lacking in the industry."

Tina Landis
Horace N. Pryor Co.
Wayne, PA


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