Fashion Forward and Trendy Textured Herringbones in Thibaut's Woven Resource Volume 5

Apr 2013

Thibaut introduces the ultimate resource book for all herringbone fabric needs in Woven Resource Volume 5: Herringbones. Exceptionally durable and ideal for upholstery use, these solids provide great visual interest and texture. This resource book features longer color lines of universally applicable basecloths and includes five different patterns, which vary in size and texture.

Lusciously soft in look and feel, Hillside Herringbone is a washed and backed chenille that is timeless in pattern trendy in pattern. The medium-size scale of this pattern is extremely versatile.

On the smaller side, Ellis Herringbone is a softened boucle with an extensive line of 10 neutrals and a range of classic colors. This pattern is sure to be a great “go-to” for large upholstery piece like sofas, headboards, and ottomans.

Heavy matte cotton contrasted with a variegated sheen in the fill make the colorways of Wellesley Herringbone, a graphic, striking and fashionable pattern.

Inspired by muted colors and natural fibers, Hempstead Herringbone has a woven raffia look but with a soft dimensional hand.

Despite its large scale, Peak Herringbone makes a subtle statement in straw and oatmeal colorways.


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