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news release

Classic American Design with Reverence for British Style, Thibaut presents The Richmond Collection

DATE: Spring 2012

Marketing/Design/Trend Info
Stacy Senior Allan (800) 223-0704 x 111
Molly McDermott Walsh x 134

Tea House Cover
Strie Stripe

Tea House Cover

Tea House Cover
Whitney Damask

Tea House Cover

Newark, NJ -- Inspired by all things beautiful, Thibaut is proud to present the abundant The Richmond Collection. Curated with a deep regard for classic American design and reverence for British style, this Limited Edition Collection is filled with powerful statement patterns and subtle notions of luxury in wallpaper, printed fabrics and sumptuous wovens.

At first glance, Rittenhouse appears simply as a traditional Jacobean print. Further examination reveals a rich design of fantastical flowers upon rich, textured ground.

Gently wandering lines mimic the banks of the Main River in Frankfurt Embroidery, providing movement and style.

Aberdeen's tightly coiled buds usher in prosperity and growth in a transitioning space or tranquil setting.

Originating as a late 19th century textile design, Cotswold has been translated onto the walls as an outstanding example of refined beauty and class.

An easy-going spirit fills the air in Summertime as lazy ladybugs and drifting dragonflies, painted in true Thibaut tinges, mingle for a light look year round.

Longwood wallpaper and printed fabric is dazzling proof that being surrounded by bold blooms in pretty pastels will instantly invigorate and inspire.

Circle Ikat is stylish and enchanting with ikat-styled medallions swirling in harmony.

Rigid metallic lines pop against the rustic, linen-like ground of Vernon with its definitive trellis design and architectural flair.

Wharton Paisley brings natural pops of color in with classical design and a sweet mingling of paisley and floral.

Helena radiates many tones of colors in this vintage floral escapade created with modern sensibility in mind. Silhouetted upon chic solid ground of color or printed upon 100% British Linen¸ Helena is a luxurious statement in fresh, bright colors.

Mirabeau is a simple medley of scale and tone as a steadily rising pattern composed of elegant Parisian embellishments and dainty scrolls.

Committed to creating a true Strie Stripe, this British wallpaper has been completely saturated with color and enchanced with fine details, including tiny circles within stripes to create an ombre effect.

Sprauer acts a bridge to the past, as this art nouveau design has been painted with au courant metallics to create a show stopper of a design. Perfect for areas of entertainment or chic spaces of rest.

Whitney Damask has captured the rise and fall of luscious velvet in this reinterpretation of an antique fabric with sustainable luxury in mind.

Natalie's shadow-effect medallion was stamped at the perfect intervals for a great gallery wall accent.

Adorned with organic shapes, Caton has been painted upon weather cotton muslin to appear as a relic from the past yet flush with artistic style for today.

Sansome shines through layers of aging and organic interest with this robust and attractive design.

The Richmond Collection and other Thibaut collections are available through interior designers and fine decorating stores worldwide. Please visit to view patterns, decorating ideas, and to obtain the names of local dealers. For more information, please call our toll free number at (800)223-0704, or email addresses above.


Founded in 1886, Thibaut is the oldest continuously operating wallpaper company in the United States. Known for its exceptional and unique designs, the company distinguishes itself from its competitors with inspiring color palettes, fresh interpretations of classic designs, and exclusive artwork created by an in-house design team. Design styles range from historic reproductions, toile, and chinoiserie to tropical and novelty patterns. Designers and consumers have been attracted to the firm's creative designs that "push the envelope," their exclusive print fabrics, new woven fabric lines, and their market-tested products that help inspire people to decorate. For more information about Thibaut, visit the company's web site at




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