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"We refer to Thibaut books most often for our projects and adore the fresh vibrant color palette. The designs inspire us to create beautiful homes for our clients!"

Myrf Bowry
from Decorum
Richmond, VA

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Introducing Courtyard

Indoor/Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor Fabric from Courtyard Indoor and outdoor living spaces can be rejuvenated with a punch of color and a lively new look with our Courtyard printed and woven fabrics. In both brights and neutrals, these high-performance fabrics are colorfast and stain-resistant, offering long-lasting beauty and durability. Beach-inspired designs and hip traditional patterns give a fresh, clean style. There are also companion stripes, houndstooth patterns, basic matelasses, and geometric designs. Pictured here is “Bolton,” a woven fabric with a large, modern, graphic Jacobean pattern. It is paired with “Gabriel,” a modern trellis design with geometric interlocking diamonds, and balanced by the simple, tailored look of “Linden Hill Stripe.”

Mixing It Up

Pearl Trellis - Yellow
Pearl Trellis – Yellow
Mendham - Yellow on Blue
Mendham – Yellow on Blue
Times Square - Yellow
Times Square – Yellow

There’s more opportunity than ever for mixing and matching traditional and contemporary patterns.

Traditional motifs integrated with contemporary designs like those shown above from Chelsea and Serendipity collections, combine to create a fresh eclectic style. A balance is created when clean modern patterns are paired with the warmth of a classic traditional design. The focus is on texture and subtle structural details, which make the designs coordinate readily with other patterns illuminating a form of transitional simplicity.

Thibaut on TV

As wallpaper regains popularity, Thibaut patterns are being featured more than ever in movies and on today’s TV home decorating and remodeling shows! Recent episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition have featured Thibaut patterns, including Cut Paper from Tea House, Bienvenue from Promenade, and St. Charles Stripe from Boat House.

Colin and Justin's  Home Heist BEFORE
Colin and Justin's  Home Heist AFTER

Before and after images from a recent episode of Colin & Justin’s
Home Heist
featuring the Mimosa fabric and wallpaper.

Episodes of Colin & Justin’s Home Heist show in Canada have showcased Springfield Toile from Historic Homes Vol. VII, and Mimosa from Waterlily. Thibaut’s inspiring look and fresh, clean color palette has caught the media’s eye and their need for artistic expression.

Mizoram and Zig Zag Fabric and Wallpaper from Cypress

Coming Soon...Cypress

Thibaut celebrates the essence of the old world with Cypress, a collection of wallpaper and printed and woven fabric designs inspired by traditional craftsmanship and printing techniques from Asia and other exotic destinations. Paisleys, block prints and embroideries lend a charming feel, while paired down colors create a modern look. Woven and printed designs pair well with each other and with various wallpaper patterns throughout the collection.

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