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  • Pattern #: ATM24572
  • Pattern name SAVERY MURAL
  • Colorway Sepia
  • Collection Devon

Savery Mural is based on John Savery's signature watercolor paintings from the early 1800's depicting the delightfully serene scenes of the countryside in Devon, England.

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Pattern # ATM24572
Colorway Sepia
Collection Devon
Units US International
Construction Non Woven 9 Panel Mural Set
Width 486.00"(1,234.44 cm)
Repeat V 0.00"(0.00 cm)
Area 0.00 sq ft (0.00 sq m)
Length 0.00 yd (0.00 m)
Weight 20.40 lb (9.25 kg)
Construction Non Woven 9 Panel Mural Set
Width 1,234.44 cm (486.00")
Repeat V 0.00 cm (0.00")
Area 0.00 sq m (0.00 sq ft)
Length 0.00 m (0.00 yd)
Weight 9.25 kg (20.40 lbs)
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