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  • The Ballad Collection by Anna French
  • The Ballad Collection by Anna French

The Ballad Collection by Anna French

Oct 2012

Anna French has narrated yet another charming collection of designs in her latest Ballad.

Inspired by vintage textiles and worldly tones, the Ballad Collection is composed of elegant embroideries,

regal motifs, and luscious linens united by the pursuit of livable luxury.

Emboldened Arran Embroidery has been delicately translated to a textile, with fine silken threads weaving the

antique motif for a modern and traditional appeal.

Renowned for her laces, Anna French continues to use traditional Scottish techniques to design and create

these timeless weaves, such as Chalice.

Lithgow Stripe is composed of multifaceted angles and lines for a very versatile, rigid, and rich textile.

Revealing just a touch, Sheer Stripe entices with its simplicity and allure.

Ever the standout, Standish Embroidery resounds with its gracefully floating blooms enriched by classic

embroidery techniques for a sweet and delicate tune.

Capturing the allure and intrigue of an antique silken tapestry, Francis Embroidery seems both vintage and

modern with its chevron trellis uniting the varied stamped motifs in a cool neutral and on trend azure.

Timeless in its design and long lasting in its construction, Donatella is a colourful testament to strength and


Flaunting retro vibes and incredible charm, Shima adds elements of whimsy and humor to this prestigious


As handsome as it is functional, Ginina Stripe stands out as a classic, virile, upholstery-grade linen cotton


Infinitely inspired, Ballad Embroidery steadies the notes of Ballad with its continuous and variegated circles

stitched crisply upon rough linen.

Dignified and refined, Brenton Damask exudes class with a touch of wanderlust in this perfectly coloured,

silken tapestry.

The finely stitched sweeps of Roselli Trellis radiate elegance juxtaposed against the subtly dyed organic linen

for a truly versatile figure.



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