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  • The Lyric Collection by Anna French
  • The Lyric Collection by Anna French

The Lyric Collection by Anna French

Jun 2012

Filled with whimsy and style, the Lyric Collection is timeless and filled with notes of pleasure

and indulgence in a cacophony of design.

A serenade of simplicity and whimsy, Celia Vine has been translated from a plush embroidery into a fun, stylized

Jacobean print painted upon a gently textured paper.

Glamorous and sustainable, Birch Cork fi lls a space with natural textures without overpowering it visually for a

perfect stage of curios and vignettes.

Don't let the simplicity of Durham Dot fool you, as the wallpaper is just as detailed as its French-knot

embroidery predecessor. Surface printed to maintain tradition and mimic the hand-block look, the unbalanced

nature of each metallic dot shines upon a steady ground of neutral colour.

Renowned for its old world glamour and elegance, St. Germain enlivens carefree spaces for entertaining and

indulgence with its large scale glittered damask upon a linen-like background.

Lucian emboldens the Lyric Collection as a relevant and approachable design element in a non-directional

orientation, allowing for application anywhere to heighten your design.

The wild nature of Spot On is demure and deceptive as the metallic pops subtly enhance this visually evocative


Bold Arran stands strong as an antiqued motif upon a saturated non-woven paper for a transitioning

design that satisfies both a modern and traditional aesthetic.

Capturing the allure and intrigue of an antique silken tapestry, Francis seems both vintage and modern with its

chevron trellis uniting the varied stamped motifs in everything from neutral to bold royal violet.

Long time Anna French fans will immediately recognize Japonica, remastered for its encore performance in the

Lyric Collection. The graceful sweeps of hand-painted blooms are timeless, classy and dauntless - just like the

lady herself.

Welcoming home the adventurous traveler, Barafundle is a sophisticated and modern take on beach life with

glass beads shining like sand and shells.

At first glance a well-played stripe, Elliott Stripe stands tall in a perfect balance of scale, colour and metallic

upon a sultry non-woven ground.

Salina Ribbon maintains the authenticity of the original linen to layer in this symmetrical knot-work design upon

a stitched effect screen printed ground.


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