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  • The Natural Glimmer Collection by Anna French

The Natural Glimmer Collection by Anna French

May 2015

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Delicate tones of light. Rays of sunshine beam through the fl uttering leaves of an old chestnut tree. The soft breeze is reminiscent of the picturesque English countryside. A splendid portrayal of nature at its best. Natural Glimmer is a collection of multipurpose fabrics in a natural palette of whites, greys, and linens, with ornate and specialty embellishments of beads, metallic threads, embroidery and raised print techniques. An abundant resource for multipurpose fabrics that are ideal for drapery, pillows, and light upholstery, the Natural Glimmer Collection by Anna French has a soft, natural palette of delicate colors.
Olympus Embroidery is a modern bud fl oral with cut threads and hints of metallic that add just the right amount of sparkle.
With alluring simplicity, Shimmer is a glittery linen blend that is perfect for solid draperies.
Resounding Rings is made up of endless cirlces appliquéd onto 100% linen ground.
Marbella is a sheer-like double cloth-stitched linen with larger embroidered circles.
The charming geometric shapes in Camisha are foil printed onto 100% linen.
Fanciful glass beads have been hand embroidered to create soft vertical waving stripes in Petrol.
Large leaves grow from the branches in Chestnut Tree Embroidery, a refined and grand fabric.
Adalar Chevron is a wide-width drapery of 116". The beautiful chevron has intricately detailed stitches.
Deco Stripe is a wide width drapery fabric with fi nite metallic threads that enliven the sheer ground.
Ideal for light upholstery, Prussia Quilt is a quilted linen with a diamond pattern.
The modern damask shapes of Glitter Damask are embroidered in metallic threads for added glam.
Sophisticated and balanced overlapping circles are printed with metallic accents on Ronda.
Bergman Embroidery has a vertical geometric shape on a cotton ground versatile enough to be used as trim bordering or a solid drapery fabric.
An ikat-like embroidery creates the geometric shapes on Zoom that are straightforward and sleek.
Delicate oval shapes with eyelits fl oat on a linen ground in Syon.
Barcelona's scrolling motif is created by embroidered dots on a linen/cotton blend.
Named after the road that houses the biggest fashion figures in London, King's Road Stripe is a 100% linen sheer stripe.
Taken from its namesake wallpaper pattern, Zola Embroidery is an embroidery of fine branches.


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