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  • The Palampore Collection by Anna French

The Palampore Collection by Anna French

May 2018

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Named after lustrous Indian painted fabric panels, Palampore combines exotic Indienne-inspired and indigenous designs in two coordinating collections of fabrics and wallcoverings.
The love affair with these decorated cloths became a European sensation in the 17th century as the vivid dying techniques were highly sought after and cotton was considered a luxury fabric for bedcovers. Patterns in these collections include tree of life elements – influenced by traditional palampore textiles – Jacobean flowers, unique leaf and paisley motifs, decorative small-scale designs and printed paperweaves, as well as a playful tiger, tribal
and batik prints, that naturally complement the fabrics.

Inherent of its French name, La Provence was inspired by a French document–an antique quilt. The large medallion radiates with leaves and paisleys adorned with henna dot details.

Jules is a tribal motif with repeating triangles. The matching print is on 100% cotton fabric.

The color blocks of Tansman are reminiscent of traditional African cloths. The strong tonal color variations make a statement. The wallpaper pattern is digitally printed on top of the paperweave.

Based on an antique document and named after the Kalamkari hand-painting technique, this pattern features a large tree of life pattern with Jacobean flowers and leaves.

A simplified version of Kalamkari, Kalamkari Vine features the tree of life pattern with large Jacobean flowers and leaves.

Gibson is a simple printed texture of an ikat weave colored to coordinate as a background wallpaper.

Inspired by an authentic one-of-a-kind palampore fabric dating back to the 18th century, Palampore's central pattern features a majestic vase with a leaf and adorning birds.

Featuring just the center leaf element from the Palampore fabric, Palampore Leaf is enlarged in scale.

Named after a small French village where they did a lot of textile printing, Jouy is similar to a vintage ditsy pattern featuring an open layout of stylized figures–birds/bugs/flowers.

Montecito is a lightweight woven fabric that is truly multipurpose–can be used for draperies, upholstery, pillows, etc. It's made in Belgium.

Elements were taken from the Montecito fabric featured in a two-tone color palette that was colored to coordinate with other patterns in the collection to create Montecito Stripe.

Donavin Diamond replicates traditional block print technique. It's a tribal diamond shape in repeat.

Mali is a large scale print with a batik/bohemian look made up of simple line and dot shapes.

The bohemian dot element taken from the Mali fabric and colored to coordinate and create Mali Dot wallpaper. Subtle visible texture is printed in the ground.

Named after a village in India, the small scale artistic paisleys in Gada Paisley are placed in close repeat. They look like they have been stamped onto the paper.

Mini Trellis is a little trellis was literally taken from within the vase of the Palampore pattern. See if you can spot it!

A simple trellis appliqué on 100% linen, Tarascon Trellis Appliqué is perfect for draperies or accent pillows.

Vero is actually original artwork from our studio. This tribal pattern is printed on top of paperweave.

Named after a village in India, Kahna features a playful tiger eager to catch the monkey and bird up in the tree.


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