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  • The Watermark Collection by Anna French

The Watermark Collection by Anna French

Oct 2016

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Divine design, with nature as inspiration: Watermark by Anna French is a collection of wallcoverings celebrating the beauty and tranquility of nature. Patterns embody the calming essence of trickling water or a serene Japanese garden. Graphic water motifs, alluring feathers, coordinating striés and
printed textures combine for a visually zen experience.
Burmese is derived from the fabric pattern in the Meridian collection. Its small scale, modern scallop is a versatile shape. All colorways have a coarse metallic print for extra shine and glamour.
Mamba is named after a long, slender snake found in central and southern Africa. This snake pattern contains a subtle ombre effect. Most of the colorways are soft but there is an ultra-glitzy black on shiny foil mylar paper.
Cirrus is named after wispy clouds because of its curving tendrils. It has an art-deco look. There are 4 sophisticated colorways with surface printed metallic ink, and 1 beaded pattern on a pearlized ground. It is the ultimate sophisticated look for a polished interior.
Watercourse is derived from the printed fabric pattern in the Meridian collection. The loose, looping circles are printed on top of a paper weave. 2 colorways are natural paper weave, and the other 2 colorways are mylar foil woven with paper weave. This is a specialty wallcovering offered in this collection.
Violage is an enlarged abstract, woven-like pattern with a lot of tonality. It comes in a range of colors from soft beige to strong denim.
Willow Wood is a contemporary Asian Scenic executed in a watercolor technique. The gradation of color is achieved through the printing method. The pattern features large trees, horned cows, and other traditional illustrations. The blue and white coloration is very traditional.
Margate is named for a shore town because of its watercolor feel. This large scale pattern is very dynamic with its tie-dye effect. The gravure print technique allows the varying tones of all the shades of color to blend together. The shininess of the mylar paper comes through.
Onda, the Italian word for “wave”, describes this undulating modern shape. This flexo printed pattern comes in 4 colorways using a coarse metallic ink and 1 colorway that uses a sleek black grit.
Plumes is the French word for “feathers” which accurately names this elegant and simple feather trellis. The metallic inks enhance the sophistication of this pattern. The fiberous non-woven paper lends itself to creating a dense background, which shows through with such an open layout.


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