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  • The Zola Collection by Anna French
  • The Zola Collection by Anna French

The Zola Collection by Anna French

Apr 2013

The Zola Collection is quintessential springtime. Buds, leaves, and blooming flowers pair

perfectly with classic damask and stylized patterns in a light and refreshing way. Various tones of lavender,

pink, blue, citron, and green give life to an airy collection.

The watercolour technique of Tuileries serenades the walls in a whimsicial way. The bright colourways of this

large-scale fl oral pattern are as refreshing as a breath of fresh air.

A traditional sisal weave, Cholla Sisal is a bold, textured wallpaper. Natural browns and greys are highlighted

with hints of printed metallic throughout.

Abington stands strong as a classic damask stripe. This contemporary, European pattern is printed on nonwoven

paper and available in pretty pastel colours like pink, green, yellow, and blue.

Named after the popular road in Paris, Rue de Siene is a large scale graphic floral. Taking on the 100 year-old

method of surface printing, this pattern has a block print quality.

Deilen illustrates contemporary tear-drop shapes. Resembling linen, this geometric and tactile pattern is

graphic in nature.

The modish and fi ne branches of Zola are petit but full of life. This pattern is available in high-gloss

metallic and fl at colourways.

A classic damask shape, Annette is an arabesque pattern embossed with linen texture. Colourways are

traditional but fun pairings with silver and gold.

Inspired by the Parisian architect famous for constructing architecture of art nouveau nature, Livorette takes on

modern style with its bold, fanciful shapes.

Soft hues accompany the natural element of Cantal. The horizontally striped pattern has a variety of scale and

metallic-textured accents to enhance its shape.

The classic foliage of Tyndall is calming. Surprising colours and unexpected metallics play on the foreground

and background of the soft pattern.



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