Wallpaper & Fabric Services, Delivery & Distribution


We value our people and the unique talents that each individual contributes to the organization as a whole. Run as a close-knit family oriented company, every individual is dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality.

Our representatives are available to assist with any inquiry and will canvass other departments, including the design studio, to provide information. Working closely with customers to ensure satisfaction, our approach dictates that even the smallest problem is subject to review by upper management. Thibaut's design studio, warehouse and office operations are combined in one location, enabling us to optimize our efficiency in serving customers.

All of our inventory items are exclusive to Thibaut, and we maintain stock on all items in our Newark, NJ distribution center. Inventory is continually reviewed to check on unusual demands so that we successfully maintain stock levels. We are able to ship the majority of US orders within 24 hours via Federal Express, ensuring our high quality products are also delivered quickly and reliably.

In the United States, Thibaut products are available through interior designers and a select number of retailers. Thibaut can also be seen in more than 75 regional Trade-Only Showrooms across the country. Internationally, Thibaut is available in over 50 different countries.