• Celebrate 125 Years of Design with The Anniversary Collection by Thibaut

Celebrate 125 Years of Design with The Anniversary Collection by Thibaut

May 2011

Celebrating Thibaut's 125 year legacy, the company is honoring its past with a traditional collection of document prints and thoroughly Thibaut designs. To fully represent the inventiveness and ingenuity through these years, the creative team set out to capture the styles and color palettes that highlight the expertise of Thibaut. From damasks and florals to embroideries and Jacobean reveries, the Anniversary Collection will satisfy every taste and aesthetic.

Buccini captures the old world charm of an antique document from the Renaissance period in a mix of rich colors, perfect for dramatic yet approachable rooms.

Alfredo Plaid provides a soft, handsome coordinate woven to the bold prints throughout Thibaut's Anniversary Collection.

Adding just the right touch of the exotic, Tanzania fabric is a chic offering of texture and pattern. A hip wallpaper is available in a full array of colors.

Thomas provides a smaller scale damask print in a symmetrical trellis. Reinterpreted from an Italian textile design from the 1930s, this neoclassical shape stresses the importance of balance.

Oxfordshire is a bold take on a traditional leaves with interesting details of dots and swirls painted in a thoroughly Thibaut color palette, always moving the eyes upwards. Available in a bold offering of wallcoverings, with two distinct embroideries, rich with texture from the stitching of different yarns and
appliqués for each leaf.

Twisting upon a natural ground in a cut velvet, Helix Velvet infuses geometry with movement.

As wallpaper has seen a great resurgence, Thibaut has remembered that the ceiling can provide an elegant accent to any design. Featured here with a tight, non-directional paisley, Daniel is the perfect addition for those who set their sights high.

In homage to an early American botanist, Bartram brings nature inside with this playful clover print with a modern yet simplistic touch.

Harvard Damask is a stately translation of a wooden block-printed antique document featuring scrolls and sunbursts, representing a flair for life.

Thibaut's Papagayo infuses spaces with elegant tropic fl air with lively birds and luscious flowers painted in soft, romantic color combinations.

A traditional Turkish large-scale paisley print has been reinvented in Driskill, with modern edges and dynamic colors.

Montgomery offers a contemporary damask shape with scroll-like flourishes printed upon a natural linen ground.

Metallic pops move this delicate medallion motif upon a striated background, making Phoebe the perfect accent for the colors and shapes represented throughout the entire Anniversary Collection.

An indispensable geometric, Links provides a stylish touch of strength within its chain-like trellis.

Playful bunches of geraniums enliven Belhaven with a carefree, yet nostalgic vibe in simple watercolor brushstrokes.

A lush companion fabric, Washington captures the same sweet geraniums in a luscious trellis of buds.

In homage to a great city of design and the beautiful lines of cartography, London Map depicts London of the 1700s in all its glory.

Continuing the theme of modernizing antique documents, Denmark is an interpretative Jacobean trellis of interesting shapes, colors and texture.