• Fashion-Forward Damask Wallpapers are Reinvented in Thibaut's Damask Resource Volume 3

Fashion-Forward Damask Wallpapers are Reinvented in Thibaut's Damask Resource Volume 3

Jul 2010

Damask wallpaper, a traditional decorating favorite, is enlivened with color and innovative treatments of woven effects, aged finishes and dramatically rescaled designs in Thibaut's Damask Resource Volume 3.

Inspired by a quaint farming village in England, Taddington is a historic damask print of foliage featuring an array of brushed metallics and airy, neutral pastels on a painterly strie.

Symphony Damask exhibits a veritable agreement of classic shapes and themes across a weathered, antiqued background.

Inspired by a small town on the Amalfi Coast, Positano adds a touch of antiquity with its slightly raised motif twisting across a stone background.

Bold metallics in fashion-forward combinations transform Mumford into a large-scale traditional damask with a twist, grounded upon a burnished landscape of steady horizontal striations.

The dreamscape of Meadowshall is a soft and jovial offering, composed in a contemporary assortment of watercolor pastels with fresh pops of metallics.

Regency presents an old world atmosphere of relaxed decorum and comfort embossed with handsome, raised brushstrokes in a masculine color story.

Painted upon a refi ned metallic background, Medici pays homage to family dynasties with crisp notes of royalty and elegance.

Resolute and gallant, Drexel boasts modern infl uences with its simplifi ed graphic tone-on-tone motif in deep stains and earth shades.

Reinventing damask, Roma flourishes with a modern flocked design of scrolling, clean lines in elegant jewel tones.

Much like the Spanish port city, Cadiz is an architectural creation of swirling, seasoned forms producing an attractive cornucopia of sights.

The acanthus leaves of Antoine Trellis rise gently in a geometric pattern of symmetry and harmony, with grasscloth-like textures shadowed in the print.

Curtis Damask, handsome and invigorating, is the perfect balance of contemporary styling and traditional design with the medieval motif printed upon a cork and foil background.