• Grasscloth Resource Volume 3 by Thibaut: A Collection of Grasses, Raffia and Paper Weaves

Grasscloth Resource Volume 3 by Thibaut: A Collection of Grasses, Raffia and Paper Weaves

Jun 2014

Thibaut introduces Grasscloth Resource Volume 3, a dynamic collection of grasses, raffia and paper weaves. This vibrant collection includes grasscloths with printed geometric shapes, as well as colorful sisals and mylar papers with high-gloss metallic finishes. The striking textures of these wallcoverings add depth and dimension, while warm and freshly colored grounds naturally coordinate with other patterns.

Inspired by Moroccan art, Zagora is a playful geometric shape printed on top of sisal with a touch of metallic in some colorways.

Originating from a pattern in the Spring Lake Collection and evolving into a grasscloth in the Tea House Collection, East Gate makes yet another appearance in Grasscloth Resource Volume 3 with four new colorways. The bamboo lattice pattern is printed underneath a layer of sisal and modified so it can be reverse hung.

Adapted from the Maze pattern in the Enchantment Collection, Maze Grasscloth is a simple and chic Greek Key, modified so it can be reverse hung. Some colorways include a glamorous printed metallic on top of the sisal.

First seen in Grasscloth Resource, there are now 26 new and refined colorways of Shang Extra Fine Sisal. The collection has been enlivened by endless neutrals plus fun, bright colors of this detailed and elegant sisal.

Santa Fe is a paper weave with a crafty, handmade basket-look that is rich in texture and momentum.

With variegated shades and 17 colorways, Adriatic is a natural paper weave with color combinations like navy and taupe, coral and beige, and sage with a hint of burnt red.

Santa Barbara is a heavy paperweave that is simple and clean with a natural strie effect.

Colored and foiled grounds shine through the fibrous lines of Stablewood. There are 10 colorways of this open and loosely woven paper weave.

Pieces of raffia have been woven together and coated with pearlescent sheens of metallic silver, gold and champagne in the delicate and lovely Pearl Bay. The natural variations in size and knots make this grasscloth truly unique.

Gulf Shore's guilded raffia has been brushed with a layer of metallic on top, giving this natural wallcovering movement and direction.

Tried and true, Carolina Raffia is a real woven palm raffia. There are now two new colorways, aqua and grey, in addition to the two existing neutrals from the Monterey Collection. Its natural irregularities are what create the beauty of this favorited textured wallpaper.

Regatta Raffia is a neater paperweave with fewer imperfections than a true raffia. Grasscloth Resource 3 introduces five new colorways in addition to the eight offered in the Biscayne Collection. The highs and lows of color emanate from the lines of this elegant paper weave wallcovering.

Strength embodied Sachon Basket is a tightly bound paper weave saturated with rich color to create a tactile back drop. The four exisiting colorways from Menswear Resource were brought forward to be recognized among other natural wallcoverings.