• Grasscloth Resource Volume 4 by Thibaut: A Collection of Grasses, Sisal, Raffi a and Paper Weaves

Grasscloth Resource Volume 4 by Thibaut: A Collection of Grasses, Sisal, Raffi a and Paper Weaves

Jun 2017

Adding to an extensive array of natural wallcovering offerings, Grasscloth Resource Volume 4 is a collection of superior woven grasses, fine sisal, raffia and paper weaves. Some patterns incorporate unique treatments like dynamic prints and embellishments. With the addition of 14 new colorways of Shang Extra Fine Sisal, there are now 66 sumptuous hues to choose from. With a palette that is both bold and sophisticated, the striking textures of these wallcoverings provide a level of natural beauty, depth and dimension that few other home décor products can rival.

Beverly Hills is a paperweave woven in a classic pattern that is a derivative of an Eye of God.

Big Sur is a loosely drawn herringbone pattern printed on top of a paperweave.

Calabasas is a woven basket paperweave with a pearlized finish.

Canyon is a contemporary horiztonal print on top of a rustic grasscloth.

Crossroad Stripe has a 6" wide stripe is printed on top of a heavier grasscloth. The white colorways emit coastal vibes.

Provincial Weave is a real woven palm raffia with a tonal print on top that can be formal or fresh. Its natural irregularities are what create the beauty of this textured wallpaper.

Carried over from the Greenwood collection, Maranta Arrowroot can now be easily found in the grasscloth category. The beauty is in the variety of the rough knots and dark slubs inherent to the woven arrowroot fibers and variegated shades of tone due to the natural absorption of the ink.

Piedmont is a printed large-scale chevron in multi-color layers. A hint of metallic shines through from the ground.

Golden Gate is woven with dyed papers of varying shades.

First seen in Grasscloth Resource and again in Grasscloth Resource Volume 3, there are now 66 sumptuous hues of Shang Extra Fine Sisal. The offering of endless neutrals plus fun, bright colors of this detailed and elegant sisal now include 2 missed navys, a grassy green, lavender, cherry, blush, and pure black and white.

Fine space dyed papers woven in a horizontal random textural pattern with varying shades of color encompass Stream Weave.

Wicker Weave is a paperweave woven in a checkerboard weave that looks like classic wicker outdoor furniture. All colors are contrasted with white.

Union Square is a sculptural raised square embellishment gives the illusion of studs mounted on the wall.

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