• Heritage for the Here and Now in Thibaut's Greenwood Collection

Heritage for the Here and Now in Thibaut's Greenwood Collection

Sep 2016

The Greenwood collection encompasses traditionally rooted patterns for the here and now. This collection of wallpapers and print and embroidered fabrics has a fresh new take on tradition, with spirited large-scale designs. Patterns include Daintree, named after the iconic tropical rainforest on the coast of Australia, a striking zebra stripe, classic paisleys and harmonizing stripes and textures. These beautifully curated designs have been colored in invigorating jewel-tone palettes ranging from deep blue and green and moody plum and fuchsia to light grey and aqua and classic black and neutrals.
A large-scale scenic of trees and foliage, Daintree was named after the exotic rainforest on the coast of Australia. The center focal point is a Japanese pine tree with fan-shaped needles. The coordinating handguided embroidery is available in 3 colorways and the print fabric is available in 5 colorways.
Gleniffer is a Scottish name inspired by a kilim-like fabric with modern paisley shapes. The wallpaper has a warm, simulated antiquing effect. The print fabric is printed on a rustic and tactile cotton/linen ground and gives the effect of an old tapestry.
Sherrill Paisley was taken from a small 19th century antique fabric swatch with a 6" repeat. The pattern was enlarged and expanded for modern appeal. The rotary screen print enhances the nice, clean details of the paisley shape.
The slightly puffed ink of the contrasting colors of the zebra stripe in Serengeti gives an impression of real hide. The pattern has a dramatic vertical layout with a center spine. A soft coordinating print fabric is available in 5 colorways.
Diamond Head Embroidery has little circle shapes and tiny eyelet holes that soften and delicately enhance the trellis shape. The matching wallpaper was interpreted using gravure printing which captures the fine details of the linen ground with subtly raised white ink to lift the pattern.
Kimberly was adapted from an antique document with motifs that were popular in the 1600s. The spotted ogee trellis lends a playful twist. Some patterns are named after employees and this one is named after our sales person in Illinois.
Maranta Arrowroot is a classic grasscloth native to tropical Central and South America. The beauty is in the variety of the rough knots and dark slubs inherent to the woven arrowroot fibers and variegated shades of tone due to the natural absorption of the ink.
Yuma is a stylized snake skin pattern named after a city in Arizona where reptiles roam the deserts.
The large blooming florals in Navesink have a loose, painterly look. Going back to its roots, this pattern was taken from an old English document and also printed in the UK.
Brittany Stripe is a classic stripe pattern that was taken from an antique fabric that was once used for beach chairs.
Walls made of marble call to mind castles and luxuriously adorned estates. Venus simulates handmade marble texture but is smooth and chic. One colorway is on mylar which gives an ultra shine.

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