• Nature Aglow in Quiet Contrast: Introducing Natural Resource Volume 2

Nature Aglow in Quiet Contrast: Introducing Natural Resource Volume 2

Jun 2015

With a more literal meaning of the word “natural,” Thibaut’s new wallpaper collection, Natural Resource Volume 2, encompasses raw materials and specialty papers such as printed corks, sisals, paperweaves and metallic linens. A few patterns have been brought forward in new colorways from older
collections, including Cork and Herringbone Weave from Natural Resource, and Ceriman and Alexander from Neutral Resource. New introductions include sensuous textures like mica and flock.
Tribeca Sisal is an edgy and graphic geometric chevron that is printed on top of a fi ne sisal weave. This multi-directional pattern has been designed to be reverse hung.
Originally appearing in Netural Resource in 2 colorways, Alexander is a modifi ed contemporary pattern available in a range of colorways with metallic pewter, silver, or gold geometric medallions printed on top of the paperweave. Its clean, bold, and graphic appearance is accompanied with an abundance of texture. 4 new colorways have been added.
The Money Tree is also called the “Good Luck Tree” and is an age-old token of good luck and an invitation to good fortune. It is the most popular plant for Feng Shui because it creates positive energy, and is rumored to bring prosperity and wealth and decorates the home with nature and good luck. The pattern is printed under sisal on a foil ground.
A new version of Carolyn Trellis, a paperweave originally in the Caravan collection. This horizontal paperweave is made to look like grass on foil grounds and was designed to be reverse hung. The cream, silver, aqua, and beige colors are printed on top to achieve the trellis pattern.
Dramatic and sensuous, Tiger Flock is made in England. The high quality fl ock is on non-woven paper for an easier hang. A slight ombré effect on the ground to simulates real tiger fur.
Inspired by nature, Universe Texture is a retro-looking pattern was printed and then embossed on nonwoven paper. Hints of metallic throughout enhance all colorways of this textural wallpaper.
Inspired by an antique document, the large-scale traditional damask pattern in Kingsbury Damask is printed on top of mylar and natural cork, with a slightly textured ground.
Originally debuting in Neutral Resource, Ceriman features a bold acanthus leaf printed on top of mylar and natural cork, paperweave, and raffia. The 2 colorways on cork have been carried forward, and the white on beige colorway of the paperweave now has a complementary silver on beige colorway. Additionally, the pattern has been printed on top of fine strings.
There are 4 new neutral colorways of Cork, a popular wallcovering from Natural Resource. The multifaceted façade is achieved by layering hand-cut squares of natural cork on a foil background, and a luminous metallic sheen is then washed over the surface.
Herringbone Weave is a classic pattern comprised of contrasts in both color and feel. With the raw aesthetic of the herringbone pattern, this woven paper is multi-dimensional and warm. There are now 3 new colorways.
Highline is a rugged 2-tone paperweave that makes a small geometric pattern.
Adapted from Taza in Graphic Resource, the same pattern is printed on mylar and cork to create Taza Cork, and a soft texture in the ground. This broken greek key design has a vintage feel and is alluring in its simplicity.
Like the sidewalks of Rodeo Drive, fragments of fine mica chips shine in Rodeo Mica.
Moonlight is a glamorous paperweave where the woven paper (the weft) is a silver or gold foil.
Finely woven metallic threads of linen and lurex are tightly woven and laminated onto non-woven paper to create Metal Linen.
Costa Stripe is a crafty paperweave with a vertical enhancement. The vertical weave has been omitted to create the stripes.

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