• Tactile Sensations in Thibaut's Texture Resource Volume 3

Tactile Sensations in Thibaut's Texture Resource Volume 3

Feb 2010

Merging design and function, Texture Resource Volume 3 by Thibaut delivers eco-inspired motifs and materials that allow for a more versatile and stylish collection of performance wallcoverings. From supple leathers to touchable faux raffias, in a bold assortment of hues from earth-toned neutrals through dynamic metallics, Thibaut’s diverse and sophisticated styles endure. Ideal for high-traffic areas, such as family rooms, foyers, mudrooms and hallways, the stain-resistant and high-performance qualities of this collection create lasting impressions.

Inspired by the delicate beauty and rough terrain of a volcanic Island, Kohala is a touch of lush life upon a rough background. Burnished metallic floral scrolls add a balance and an aged effect while Kohala’s durability withstands.

The unmistakable appearance of ostrich leather has been replicated to provide a luxurious yet lasting backdrop in a full array of neutral and metallic tones in Natural Ostrich.

Illustrating the unexpected ease of vinyl coated textures, Greater Gator is high impact and authentic in its appearance. Not satisfied to be purely decorative, the rhythm of the alligator scales is extremely versatile and durable.

Bankun Raffia features tie marks within the weave like woven palm leaves. This visual detail lends rustic charm and reverence for traditional practices with a man-made level of durability in a generous rainbow of colors.

Sisal is deeply textured with several strands woven together in rich earthy tones, much like a sisal rug.

Reinterpreting a pattern from the Laguna Collection to be more durable, Coral Gables is printed on sting ray-like vinyl in an array of colors. The texture of the paper creates a vivid effect of speckles, as the coral glides through space.

Balancing large and small fibers, Banyan Basket captures the allure of faux grasscloth within the reinforced reed-like weave of strength.

Argentina Damask is a linen textured damask print that incorporates traditional patterns with bona fide Argentinian flair. The dramatic swirls of the motif upon the burnished background creates a velvety rich Old World affair.

Distinctly masculine in its appearance, Tuscany Leather portrays a rugged allure through stitched leather pieces, backed by intense durability.

The boxed motion of Granada Weave mimics the artisanship of fine leather goods found throughout Spain. Catching light with every edge, this architectural and fashion-minded addition remains stylish and chic throughout.