• The Artisan Collection, Featuring Alpha Workshops for Thibaut

The Artisan Collection, Featuring Alpha Workshops for Thibaut

Feb 2011

The Artisan Collection by Thibaut with Alpha Workshops represents a true homage to high-quality, innovative techniques, touched with the signature look of Alpha and colored with the signature palette of Thibaut. Enriched by the desire to preserve traditions of the decorative arts, Thibaut and Alpha Workshops have worked together to create a testament to beauty, resilience, and tradition.

The Alpha Workshops is the only not-for-profit organization in the country that trains and employs people living with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts. An industry pioneer ever since its founding in 1995, both in developing a unique training curriculum and in creating a flexible setting, the Alpha Workshops
provides a supportive workplace responsive to the medical, financial and emotional needs of people living with a chronic illness. The Alpha Workshops Studio School, wherein the decorative arts classes are taught, is licensed by the New York State Department of Education. The Alpha Workshops also runs a highly regarded design studio, staffed completely by artisans who have graduated from the school’s advanced program. The studios are well-known for handpainted wallpapers, on-site custom painting and venetian plaster, decorative finishes, gilding, handcast lamps and site-specific artwork.

The collaboration between Thibaut and Alpha utilizes the best talents of both companies to create this new wallpaper collection, Artisan. For Thibaut, the license with Alpha presented an opportunity to work hand in hand with the creators of Alpha's designs to shape their new interpretation. The artisans of Alpha recognized that in Thibaut, they had a partner who could skillfully capture the handmade quality of their designs and translate them into a widely available product. The result is a beautiful group of papers that reflect the best of both The Alpha Workshops and Thibaut.

A replication of one of Alpha Workshops' signature prints, La Gioconda is a diamond-shaped trellis reflecting sweetness and balance through endurance. Thibaut captured the look and essence of this hand-blocked print, complete with textured brushstrokes in rich ink upon a stone-like surface. Available in
a generous array of ten fashion-forward, yet livable colors, La Gioconda will elegantly enhance any transitional space.

Recycling an earlier, textured print from Alpha Workshops' archives, Thibaut recreated Loom to honor a staff artisan of the Alpha Workshops who was known for his strength, kindness, and talent. Motivated by the same respect for texture, movement, and symmetry, the effectiveness of this pattern lies within the interwoven metallic pops of color, working together to create a striking backdrop.

Emanating a sense of longevity and calm, Thibaut reproduced Alpha Workshops' Ginkgo with a graceful hand-blocked effect. Surface printed upon a luxurious non-woven paper from Belgium, the delicate fan-shaped leaves of Ginkgo are iconic and calming in a simply colored silhouette.

Inspired by a painted finish by the Alpha Workshops, the tactile medallion motif of Maryse floats upon a striated background of color as a symbol of balance and whimsy.

Thibaut has artistically rendered the metallic effect of gilded glass within the clean, crisp lines of Verre Eglomisé, in a simple yet alluring design. A touch of shimmer adds to the illusion of movement and grace, as seen within other Alpha Workshop masterpieces.

Perfect for spaces of reflection, Thibaut expertly captured the picturesque day-dream of Alpha Workshops' Reverie. Blocked printed branches in zen-like color pairings add to the sensual and organic aesthetic of this neutral yet buoyant print.

Like an emerging hub of fashion and culture, Montreal provides a fun splash of life onto any space with its arabesques and twists. This non-woven, fabric-backed vision is available in custom colors to match any designer inspiration.

Raised ink creates a throwback, faux-flock effect in Cordelia, with graphic flowers embossed on a moving canvas of silk. Colored with fresh tones and metallics, this dynamic print unites both feminine and masculine motifs in a contemporary pop design.

Bentley offers a simple and balanced square geometric of neutrals, adding a masculine and multidirectional moving print to this trendy, graphic collection.

Capturing an easy-going vibe with bold botanical silhouettes, Mums creates a modern and striking impression upon design scheme.

An exotic piece of artwork, Rio is a fluid design of raised dots and dashes, comprising a large-scale paisley of worldly spirit and intent.

Sometimes a simple garden trellis is all you need to complete a look. With Royal, Thibaut has crafted a clean fi gure to coordinate with any aesthetic in a neutral Thibaut color palette.

Printed on the finest cork substrate from Portugal, Lisbon pays homage to its country with a facade of balance and texture with a Moorish fretwork overlay.