• Thibaut Offers Bold and Shapely Designs in Graphic Resource

Thibaut Offers Bold and Shapely Designs in Graphic Resource

Jan 2014

Introducing the shape of things to come, Graphic Resource. A collection of wallcoverings that range from bold patterns to novelties and graceful geometrics, Thibaut’s newest wallpaper collection offers a variety of nicely sized and pleasing designs in subtle and happy color combinations.

A new twist on a classic trend, the irregular edges of the rich surface-printed zig zags give Widenor Chevron a softer and crafty look.

Embrace the tropical fl are of Cabrera, a modern, medium-sized fl oral silhouette from our Cayman pattern with a new, crisp feel.

Saroka's simple motif is rythmatic and repetitive. The soft geometric pattern comes in pigment colorways and beautiful shimmering metallics. Saroka is surface printed on heavy non-woven paper.

Classic architectural facades meet old-world European elements from an imaginary place in Palazzo. The fine details of this wallcovering design mimic old pen and ink drawings.

Pierson is a large-scale two-color interlocking trellis pattern. The slight accent shadow and textured background gives a linen feel and brings dimension to this geometric scroll.

Symbolic of the marquee lights, Broadway's repetitive dots are soft, delicate and sophisticated.

Named after the large garden square in London, silhouetted trees in Russell Square give a park-like effect. Available in brilliantly colored grounds like a true green and raspberry pink.

Simple Stanbury Trellis brings harmony to a room with subtle pattern and pretty curves. Colorways include neat pairings like green and navy and linen and aqua, as well as classic Thibaut color palette solids with white.

Charming Taza is a small-scale, all-over pattern with a broken or worn effect. This vintage looking design is alluring in its simplicity.

Our best loved pattern makes a second appearance in this collection. Allison, originally in Geometric Resource, was inspired by the scrolling fretwork of a delicate iron gate. The seven new colorways include black on bold metallic silver, aqua on metalic gold, spicy persimmon, apple green, bright blue, soft lilac and light grey.

The large-scale sunburst medallions in Bahia are reminiscent of the dazzling sunsets seen in the city off the Florida Keys.

Dedalo, meaning "maze" in Italian, is similar to the Greek Key confi guration of the design. Subtle brushed texture brings softness and adds depth to the pattern.

La Farge was named after the famous stained-glass designer for its characteristics of the leading in stained glass windows. The thin trellis pattern has a medium scale and comes in lightweight colorways.