• Thibaut's Faux Resource Collection Goes Beyond the First Impression

Thibaut's Faux Resource Collection Goes Beyond the First Impression

Jan 2017

Faux Resource is a collection of wallcoverings that are realistic interpretations of patterns like snake skin, grasscloth, marble, and cork. This alluring assortment of impressive faux textures and versatile surfaces are perfect to mix and match or use on their own. Varying print techniques and functional color combinations add dimension and visual interest beyond the first impression.
Boa is a rotary screen-printed snakeskin pattern. The subtle colors make for a great background paper and the bold combinations with metallic make a louder statement.
Jindo Grass realistically simulates grasscloth wallpaper. It is gravure printed with a mix of tones and colors on vinyl with a grasscloth emboss. This rough, grass-like boodlecloth is offered in 10 colorways and is a Type I vinyl wallcovering.
Haywood is a faux, surface-printed wood pattern features a thick raised ink that adds dimension and interest. A subtle background texture simulates natural woodgrain. Haywood is offered in 7 sophisticated colorways.
Carro is a cross between stone and an antique Italian mirror. The layered textures and metallic colorways give it an aged effect. Textural artwork was the inspiration for this faux scale pattern. The gravure print’s raised ink gives subtle texture and dimension.
Kissimmee’s embossed alligator pattern has an impressive 39" width offering 50–90% more coverage than wallpapers of lesser width. It is a non-woven paperbacked vinyl and is offered in 13 colorways ranging from light neutrals to bold magenta to black and is a Type I vinyl wallcovering.
Tunica Basket was inspired by hand-crafted art. The emboss of the basket was developed by the studio and the tip printing on some colors gives a highlight of metallic. It is a Type II vinyl wallcovering which makes it durable as well.
The Montado Region of Portugal is where 50% of the world’s cork is harvested. Montado Cork is a faux cork pattern that imitates the real cork wallcovering found in the Natural Resource collections. A raised ink on this gravure print creates a soft, velvety feel. It is offered in mostly neutral colorways with metallic and 2 colorways are printed on mylar for added glam. The mylar colorways are priced separately.
Taluk Sisal replicates Thibaut’s Shang Extra Fine Sisal in a durable vinyl wallcovering. We challenge you to test which one is the real deal ! The vinyl version doesn’t seam or shade and as a Type II vinyl it is suitable for contract use. This gravure-printed pattern is on vinyl with a grass emboss. This realistic faux sisal is offered in 18 stunning colors and is a Type II vinyl wallcovering.
Treviso Marble is a modern pattern that utilizes the gravure printing process to depict marble. Subtle tones and shading create the look and feel of real marble. Actual marble infl uenced the creation of the 7 colorways.

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