• View the World from Every Angle in Thibaut's Geometric Resource Volume 2

View the World from Every Angle in Thibaut's Geometric Resource Volume 2

Jan 2015

Thibaut continues to embrace the leading graphic trend with Geometric Resource Volume 2. Complementing the existing family of geometrics, this new collection of wallpaper encompasses fun and lively patterns that range from modern trellises to simulated studs and animal prints. Special techniques such as fl ock, beads and printed grasscloth are combined with clean and textural printing methods. Color offerings range from a heavy supply of neutrals to fresh and bright, satisfying palettes. Kendall is a delicate scrolling pattern with a lot of impact. The small, metallic dot detail enhances the scrolls on the strong colored grounds like rich orange, navy, green and soft pastels. A great mid-size scale named after the occupation for a gate keeper, Portier is a fi tting name for this fretwork pattern. The fl ock technique was used to soften the edges of this sharp pattern, while the glass beads enhance the pattern in a glamorous way. Meaning "arching curve," Camber is a simple ogee pattern that has a fl at and clean look. The large, open-layout makes it fi tting for large rooms. Created to simulate the studs or brads used on furniture, Brad is a simple trellis layout that makes a great stand alone pattern.
The graphic silhouette of the butterfl ies in Aldora are softened with a printed linen texture. This wallpaper was designed to be the perfect bathroom or girls' bedroom wallpaper. Javan was named after an endangered leopard species. Natural shapes like animal prints combine well with other geometrics or free fl owing patterns. The surface print technique enhances the texture and softens the overall appearance of this pattern. Nevio is an all-over dot pattern whose all-over dot pattern has soft edges that are almost hand drawn. The simple geometric layout makes a great backdrop pattern. Taken from a classic Mediterranean tile shape, all colorways of Nisido Bead are neturals and pearls with a hint of sparkle. Larger in scale, Cortney carries the same classic shapes and is printed on top of fine sisal. Farris is the wallpaper version of Nexus from the Companions woven collection. Printed on paperbacked vinyl and embossed with a light linen texture for tactile fi nish. A delicate and small-scale geometric that becomes the backdrop in large space but shines in a small room. Gilon, which means "circle," was inspired by an antique fabric. The interlocking circles make for a softer, rounder geometric pattern. The surface printing of white on bright colors makes this pattern feel fresh in all colorways. Taken from an old Thibaut pattern updated from the 1970s, the shadow effect gives Turner depth and dimension to make this pattern bold, impactful, intricate and interesting.

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