• Classic, Trendy and Dramatic Designs in Thibaut's Damask Resource Volume 4

Classic, Trendy and Dramatic Designs in Thibaut's Damask Resource Volume 4

Jan 2016

Damask wallpaper is a traditional decorating favorite. In Damask Resource Volume 4, Thibaut enlivens the trend with color and innovative print treatments such as printed corks, embossed vinyl, and flocked patterns. A variety of dramatic designs range from classic interpretations to modern shapes in sizable proportions.
    Alicia Damask is a two-color modern floral damask derived from painted artwork. It maintains a crafty look, achieved through the surface printing technique, and is offered in a variety of bright colors and subtle neutrals.
    Ashley Damask is a soft, modern damask that contains a background strie. This pattern is large, grand and elegant.
    The name Clessidra means “hourglass” in Italian. Clessidra Damask is an ogee-shaped damask that has a classic center motif and comes from an old fabric document dating back to the 19th century. It is suitable for any traditional look and the pattern is softened by an overall texture.
    Curtis Damask has been carried over from Damask Resource 3 in its best selling colorway. This classic damask is all about the layers! Foil is applied to paper, then the cork is mounted on top of the foil, and then the medieval motif is printed in metallic on the foil. 3 new and sophisticated colorways are introduced in this collection.
    Dorian Damask is a classic damask has an overall texture to soften the pattern. It is printed in Belgium and the technique allows for a very matte finish.
    French Quarter Damask is a striped damask that comes from an antique painted document. The damask pattern is printed on a non-woven backed vinyl which also makes it durable, and is embossed with an alligator pattern. At 39” wide, it is striking in all colorways.
    Taken from a fabric document, the raised motif in Licata Damask is achieved through a puffed ink in the print technique. This pattern is offered in mid-tone to dark colorways with a linen background.
    Passaro Damask was taken from an antique document. A printed silk texture was added to soften the solid background. This traditional damask is offered in many colorways including metallics, classic colors, and new combinations.
    Printed in Italy, Pravata Damask also comes from artwork produced by an Italian artist. It maintains a textural, weathered “fresco” look through layers of gravure printing. The mirrored effect of foil comes through printed ink. It is offered in foil, metallic and matte colorways.
    Rowan Damask is a striped damask that is flexo-printed with added texture for depth and interest. There is a contrasting texture on the background, creating a marbelized look. This pattern is offered in striking grounds with metallic damask colors, as well as a flocked version in two glamorous colorways that have an aged mirror effect with a slight texture in the ground. This pattern is perfect for flock printing because it has separate shapes constituting the damask.
    Tangiers is a modern overall ogee pattern with a center motif. The design is gravure printed under a linen weave so it feels soft like fabric.

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