• Grasscloth Resource Volume 2 by Thibaut: A Collection of Natural Palms, Bamboo, Grasses & Paper Weaves

Grasscloth Resource Volume 2 by Thibaut: A Collection of Natural Palms, Bamboo, Grasses & Paper Weaves

Dec 2011

Thibaut expands its offering of textile wallcoverings in Grasscloth Resource Volume 2, awash in natural hues with edgy metallic highlights. A thoroughly modern interpretation of this eco-friendly variety of wallcoverings, fine sisals and chunky paper weaves have been gathered alongside rugged sea grass, to create a colorful and dynamic collection.

Stamped upon a tightly bound paper weave, Endless Knot unifi es movement in a dynamic yet simple display.

West Indies Damask is a glam take on the grasscloth trend, featuring an elegant metallic damask upon the sleekest of sisal.

Sparsely adorned Andros captures a carefree island vibe with its gently drifting sea blooms on a fine sisal ocean.

Rich in texture and momentum, Bac Bac is a lux scene of coarse palm tree bark bound together on a neutral base.

Pieces of jute have been woven together and coated with pearlescent sheens in the delicate and lovely Akoya Pearl.

Appearing as an alloy of metallic fragments, Natural Metal is actually composed of finespun strings of sisal upon a glinting ground.

Individually dyed threads of paper have been spliced together in Sardinia, creating a delicate textile-like surface with fresh hints of colors.

Strengthened by the scattered knots of boodlecloth grasses in dusky earth tones, Antilles Weave shines against a foil foundation.

Chunky lines of raffia have been washed in color and secured by cotton string in Colony Raffia.

Reed like stalks of raw jute create movement, as the dyed ground shines through the fibrous lines of Ramie Bay.

Windward Sisal creates a rippling effect of this intricately crafted dual sisal blend, directing the eye upward and onward.

Individually dyed strips of paper enrich Corsica with vertical and horizontal variations of tones. Pacific Weave creates a calming surface of monochromatic texture with thickly woven strands.

Wild gilded Rush Cloth stalks shine atop a subtly colored surface in this opulent grasscloth design.

The woven sea grass of St. Martin floats upon deeply colored shores.

Built with actual bamboo materials, Bamboo Weave is sturdy, strong, and chic.