• Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Woven Resource Vol. 10: Menagerie

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Woven Resource Vol. 10: Menagerie

Oct 2016

Menagerie is a woven resource collection of luxurious, frame-ready fabrics featuring zebra, tiger, cheetah, and giraffe skin patterns. For centuries, animal prints have been a popular choice for accessorizing because their organic shapes are neutral and mix well with other patterns. The collection
contains a range of small to large scale designs paired with striking colors like peacock blue, scarlet red, charcoal grey, sandy linen, and native black and brown. All patterns meet demanding performance standards for durability, and there are four patterns in the Menagerie collection engineered with the highperformance, stain-resistant capabilities of Crypton Home® : Gazelle, Zamira, Citra, and Masai.
Aja is a dense and beautiful representation of tiger fur. This fabric is very soft and luxurious—hard to keep your hands off!
Named after the White Spotted Gazelle, the beauty of the Gazelle fabric is that the spots peek through the chenille face. It is ultra-luxurious and feels as soft as it looks. The slight ombrè effect from light to dark is visually appealing. Gazelle is a Crypton Home fabric.
Etosha Velvet was inspired by our popular wallpaper and embroidery pattern. It is a large-scale cut velvet épinglé, which means the loop pile and the cut pile of the velvet both show and enhance the pattern.
Plush and textural Amur is named for the natural spots on this Russian leopard feline. It is an épinglé from Belgium with a looped pile that has a dry cotton look and feel.
Zamira is very grand in scale with a large 40” vertical repeat. The spine of the zebra stripe can be centered when upholstered and shows the asymmetrical pattern. Zamira is a Crypton Home fabric.
Citra is an invigorating and happy pattern. It is a small-scale impressionistic animal print with a mix of varying shades of colorful yarns. The ikat effect makes this cat a whole different species! Citra is a Crypton Home fabric.
Who says a leopard, or cheetah, can’t change its spots? Trixie is a playful spotted fabric in a cotton/rayon blend.
A giraffe’s spots are much like human fi ngerprints. No two individual giraffes have exactly the same pattern! Masai is a beautifully woven mix of cotton, rayon, and flax fibers making it soft and breathable. Masai is a Crypton Home fabric.

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