• Surface Texture Makes a Lasting Impression

Surface Texture Makes a Lasting Impression

Jan 2018

Surface texture makes a lasting impression, especially on the walls of your home. From subtle textures that add gentle style, to bold patterns for dramatic dimension, Surface Resource is a collection of wallcoverings that is a next-level resource for inspiring spaces. Modern, luxe and stylish—these simple yet refined designs walk the line of chic sophistication.

Named after the mountainous range in New Mexico, Sandía means “watermelon” in Spanish and is believed to be a reference to the reddish color of the mountains at sunset. The multicolored, organic ombré pattern is printed, creating a lively wallcovering with textural appeal.

Inyo Wood is made of 100% real micro-thin tungbark wood veneer on non-woven paper. It’s a contemporary pattern with a seamless sidematch. Colorways include deep walnut, dark grey, white washed, rich Robin’s Egg and a warm natural wood tone.

Martello is a striking geometric pattern of graphic ogee shapes embellished with tiny glass beads that add an eye-catching glamorous sparkle.

Nira is a vertical raffi a paperweave full of energy and movement, with variegated colors that are highlighted and enhanced by the design’s hand-quality. 3 colorways are on metallic foil.

The subdued beauty of Artessa Weave is in the tonal paperweave. This tight weave adds visual and textural depth to the walls giving it a textile appearance.

Amato is marble styled print with raised surface ink in a scale that instantly makes a statement.

Easom Trellis is an updated trellis pattern that's handsome yet delicate with a raised ink printed on top to give a grasscloth look.

Subtly graphic and timelessly chic, Balwdin Herringbone is gravure printed with strings on top to enhance the nuances of depth and dimension.

Graceful and graphic, Prisma is atmospheric in nature. A buoyant explosion of color captures the energy of this dynamic pattern.

Delicate organic lines compose this soulful, chic paper. Sierra is simple yet refi ned and embodies movement and spirit.

Stylized diamonds form the graphic and large-scale pattern Tapetto. The abstract is translated into a striking and textural wallcovering.

Overscale blossoms in a radiating pattern make a delicate and dreamy statement. Aster’s floral pattern is screen printed on top of the strings for added dimension.

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