• Thibaut Presents a Harmonious Blend of Worldly Motifs with The Shangri-La Collection

Thibaut Presents a Harmonious Blend of Worldly Motifs with The Shangri-La Collection

May 2010

Fusing decorative elements from cultures worldwide, the Shangri-La Collection is a worldly assortment of sight and texture. Reflecting notes of paradise and harmony infused with graceful beauty, Shangri-La provides a profound sense of peacefulness. The liberal use of bold, contrasting colors in clean, organic designs are present throughout the entire collection, comprised of thoughtfully selected atural linens, textured wallcoverings, and rugged cottons. Mystical in its appearance, the Shangri-La Collection translates worldly motifs into modern accents and encourages designers to transition between rooms and themes with masculine, feminine and ultimately elegant touches.

Named after a Persian Princess, Soraya is a delicate chinoiserie with sincere reflections of Asian styled art. The sketch-like brush strokes of this soft scene are simple yet detailed, allowing the floral vines to ascend.

Accented by the boldly geometric chenille of Bernard, this masculine woven exacts order and unity with each element.

Felicia is an emblematic print upon textured non-woven paper with drawn out lines that imply movement. Combining several of today’s trends of metallics and ikats, while being influenced by traditional designs and balance, Felicia is a vivacious accent print available in coordinated colors.

Inspired by a tapestry dating back several centuries, Ting Yuan represents a playful pastoral scene. Named after the Japanese phrase for “pretty garden,” Ting Yuan illustrates this through an infusion of many influences with distinctly modern flourishes.

The meandering lines of Anafi wovens suggest infinity and unity, a vital element in your room design. Blends of Egyptian Cotton in this geometric print represent strength and endurance, as elements of the room unite to create extreme movement and fluidity.

East Gate is a geometric visual experience hand-printed upon grasscloth.

With a double textured effect, the Gazebo trellis design floats upon a neutral canvas.

A romantic basketweave of textiles, Rhapsody blends soft, yet durable elements of chenille to create a continuous backdrop of luxury and comfort.

Inspired by a modern piece of art, but adapted to reflect worldly trends, Jakarta and Ivana are an invigorating set of coordinates, balancing each other out by scale and determination. Illustrating qualities of strength and femininity, upon a medallion like motif, the complimentary color paths embolden this very dynamic design.

Kirkwood is a fantastical Jacobean design in harmoniously blended colors, creating a vivid and stimulating backdrop. Derived from an English embroidery, this bold print is antique yet contemporary with abstract embellishments enriching both the wallcovering and fabric.

Steeped in the color palette of Shangri-La, Malay Ikat is a playful, shimmering fabric that accents the movement of every pattern throughout.

Cordoba Damask merges clear influences from Moorish designs and architecture, incorporating several Spanish shapes within the grand scale damask. This ikat-like print translates well with other dramatic prints as a striking combination of ethereal backgrounds and mystical metallic motifs.

Buds features gracefully ascending braches, dotted with the most delicate of flower petals. The open and airy blossoms are soft and sophisticated in an expressive palette with pops of metallic.

Combining feminine and rustic charms, Anita Damask is subtle and sultry with burnished metallics, soft neutrals, and Indian influenced shapes. The  clean lines upon sleek wallcoverings and natural linens will enrich and soften your enrivon, as this historic art form is reimagined with a more organic feel.

Kawazu was distinctly influenced by Japanese shapes of abstract floral designs, creating height with rhythmic clusters in subtle, chic metallics. Non-woven paper provides a substantial canvas upon which the trellis design leaps, displaying symbols of vitality and harmony.

Distinctly English and modern, Hatton is an unexpected tone-on-tone blend with ikat-like Jacobean themes. The thoroughly stylized shape is both modern and natural, as two cultural motifs are fused with rhythmic striations in thoughtful combinations of colors.

Suzani pays homage to traditional forms of embroidery by reinventing this tribal textile with sultry, modern flair. A versatile addition to your design objective, the stitched chenille fl oral pattern is available in bold citron, serene blush, and a trendy coral and green combination.

Devon is a grand and distinguished print, featuring an idyllic scene of stately birds and lush peonies in harmony.