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Dynamic Colour and Design in The Glamour Collection by Anna French

Sep 2007

The Glamour Collection is a dynamic array of wallpapers that pushes into the forefront of

contemporary wallpaper design. Designs are grand-scale, with bold, expertly-worked colour schemes

ranging from soft beiges and blues to vibrant reds, purples and blue and pink combinations. Prominent

design details include fl ock, metallic foils, and mica grounds. The collection illustrates the beauty and intricacy

of the printing method, with each design being printed on machines that are over 100 years old. Designer

Anna French herself oversees the milling process to ensure the colours are just right.

Bold, original design and deep convictions about the strength of family have defi ned Anna French’s life.

Anna says, “My children’s creative energy is an inspiration.” From the vibrant geometric designs she began

producing in art school in the 1960s to the big, brilliant wallpapers that make up Glamour, Anna’s style is

always evolving. Her courageous use of colour and fl air for the dramatic remain unchanged.

Glamour refl ects on a wide range of sources, from Africa to English oak woods and family homes. A

fl ocked pattern of rose hips over a metallic ground, Eglantine comes in bright, punchy colours like pink

magenta on pink mica, as well as warm colours like gold over gold mica. The metallic background adds drama

and helps the fl ock stand out. “This design makes a statement,” says Anna. “If you want to create that wow

factor in a room then this is the paper to use. The pink just zings with energy while the gold creates a warm

glamourous glow.”

Tyntesfi eld, a grand damask design, was inspired by an elegant manor house in the west of England, now

a historic site. The design embodies modern glamour by taking a traditional style and launching it into the 21st

century with metallic surface print and a large-scale 44” repeat. The application of the metallic gives this large

damask a block print feel and appearance. “Walk around the room and notice how the light catches the

pattern,” says Anna, “creating a wonderful atmosphere.” The design comes on a dramatic black background, in

a shimmering pale blue, deep red, and a subtle aubergine.

Forever ready to bloom, Wisteria mimics climbing Wisteria adorning a family home in London. Anna loves

Wisteria leaves which is what makes this design special. The ground in the design is actually the Wisteria leaf

pattern, with the colour surrounding the leaves printed over the top. The leaves have a mottled, metallic eff ect

that allows background colours like red, cream and black to partially show through. The pattern comes in a

wide spectrum of colours that lend versatility to the design, including a bold purple and black, autumnal red and

gold, fresh cream and gold, and soft pink and aqua.

Shimmer is a series of simple, soft, mottled metallic papers designed to coordinate with other wallpapers

in Glamour. It can be used to complement an adjoining feature wall, or on its own, creating a dramatic eff ect

that Anna says “makes the room come alive with sparkle and luster.” It’s also perfect for ceilings. The design

comes in a variety of colours including light gold, silver, beige, stone, old gold, dark metallic, gold on red, and

gold on black.

A luxurious silk weave recreated in a wallpaper, Regal is a contemporary, sophisticated design

embellished with mica. Anna says “I wanted to produce a wallpaper in keeping with the fi nesse of the

original design, almost like having silk on the walls.” The colours that have been chosen by Anna refl ect this

idea, especially the fantastic metallic blue and pink colourway. Some of the designs have fi ne horizontal lines in

the background, others have a solid, gleaming background.

Etched Leaf is a simple, open, and refreshing design inspired by the English Woods where Anna likes to

take long walks. The colours range from a striking metallic black and white to a favourite of Anna's, pink and


Lavinia has been a staple Anna French fabric design for over 20 years. Inspired by an Art Deco design,

the pattern has large calla lilies, and is adapted from a Madras Lace produced in Scotland on 100 year old lace

looms. Anna felt it was time to reproduce the design as a modern wallpaper. She has translated Lavinia into

a range of gorgeous colours. It is a design that will make a room beautiful and shows Anna's colour expertise

at its best. White on gold, silver on pink, gold on green, and black on dark red give the wallpaper diff erent

looks—soft, bold, elegant, etc.

The scale of Firework is great for hallways and ceilings. The design crackles and swirls, and comes in

striking silver and gold foil colours as well as black and white and two natural shades. The foil designs create a

graphic look. “I can put my lipstick on looking into this wallpaper,” comments Anna. The cream and gold

combination creates a soft elegance.


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