May 2018

The Palampore Collection by Anna French

Named after lustrous Indian painted fabric panels, Palampore combines exotic Indienne-inspired and indigenous designs in two coordinating collections of fabrics and wallcoverings.
The love affair with these decorated cloths became a European sensation in the 17th century as the vivid dying techniques were highly sought after and cotton was considered a luxury fabric for bedcovers. Patterns in these collections include tree of life elements – influenced by traditional palampore textiles – Jacobean flowers, unique leaf and paisley motifs, decorative small-scale designs and printed paperweaves, as well as a playful tiger, tribal and batik prints, that naturally complement the fabrics.

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September 2017

The Small Scale Collection by Anna French

An array of nimble shapes and figures.
Look closely at the wallcoverings in Small Scale by Anna French and you’ll fi nd lively colored patterns sprinkled with visual interest, delicate textures, subtle movement and a hint of whimsy. Although petite in size, these designs create a sense of evenness while providing a sophisticated and graphic impression that won’t overwhelm.

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April 2017

The Manor Collection by Anna French

Captivatingly elegant: With extravagant prints, ornate embroideries and decorative woven fabrics, the Manor collection by Anna French encompasses roaring style with lush European fl air. A sophisticated color palette ranges from lavish jewel tones like fuchsia and sapphire to neutral taupes and charcoal greys. Designs include dramatic damask and suzani motifs, playful animal spots, a luxurious cut velvet and large-scale scenic patterns.

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October 2016

The Watermark Collection by Anna French

Divine design, with nature as inspiration: Watermark by Anna French is a collection of wallcoverings celebrating the beauty and tranquility of nature. Patterns embody the calming essence of
trickling water or a serene Japanese garden. Graphic water motifs, alluring feathers, coordinating striés and printed textures combine for a visually zen experience.

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May 2016

The Meridian Collection by Anna French

Meridian by Anna French is a gathering of refi ned fabrics, including alluring prints and plush wovens. Together they compose a collection with a nod to tradition with modern flair.

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September 2015

The Serenade Collection by Anna French

With a passion for creative expression, Serenade by Anna French is a masterful compilation of wallcoverings that pays homage to English culture. Harmonizing patterns range from intricate paisleys, vining florals, and baroque damasks to simple geometrics, coordinating stripes and printed textures. All patterns are printed on non-woven paper using state-of-the-art printing methods in adventurous color palettes.

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May 2015

The Natural Glimmer Collection by Anna French

Delicate tones of light. Rays of sunshine beam through the fl uttering leaves of an old chestnut tree. The soft breeze is reminiscent of the picturesque English countryside. A splendid portrayal of nature at its best. Natural Glimmer is a collection of multipurpose fabrics in a natural palette of whites, greys, and linens, with ornate and specialty embellishments of beads, metallic threads, embroidery and raised print techniques. An abundant resource for multipurpose fabrics that are ideal for drapery, pillows, and light upholstery, the Natural Glimmer Collection by Anna French has a soft, natural palette of delicate colors.

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September 2014

The Seraphina Collection by Anna French

Beauty in natural movements. I am often inspired by the simple designs of nature around me. Poised butterflies flutter amongst wooded areas full of flowers, trees and foliage or the elegant scrolls of iron palace gates make a charming motif. Seraphina is a collection of wallpapers that celebrates everyday treasures in a sophisticated palette of harmonious hues. – Anna French

The Seraphina Collection by Anna French is a lavish collection of wallpaper that features patterns inspired by nature. Modish colorways range from silver and charcoal neutrals to citron and lavendar brights. All patterns are printed on non-woven paper.

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April 2014

The Symphony Collection by Anna French

The Symphony Collection by Anna French is a luxurious assortment of elegant designs. The

romanced fabric collection includes patterns taken from antique documents, large-scale scroll motifs, and

Jacobean fl orals in soft and attractive colours.

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December 2013

The Rue de Seine Collection by Anna French

A lavish fabric compilation by Anna French, the Rue de Seine Collection breathes fresh air of

crisp colours and delicate patterns. The fine details of floral and geometric patterns are highlighted by a wide

array of textiles and luscious design.

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April 2013

Anna French English Linens

Anna French English Linens is a unique collection of 67 linens in a range of styles and carefully selected colours. These linens are of the highest quality and are manufactured in Great Britain. Ideal for drapery and alternate window treatments, they are also upholstery grade. After time, most linens have a
tendency to fade, but Anna French Linens will retain their colour for years. Anna French English Linens have an Airo Finish, similar to tumble drying, which softens the fabric, gives it a fantastic hand and also prevents the fabric from creasing. Almost all Anna French English Linens are machine washable - perfect for slipcovers or other applications where fabrics can become quickly soiled.

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April 2013

The Zola Collection by Anna French

The Zola Collection is quintessential springtime. Buds, leaves, and blooming flowers pair

perfectly with classic damask and stylized patterns in a light and refreshing way. Various tones of lavender,

pink, blue, citron, and green give life to an airy collection.

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October 2012

The Ballad Collection by Anna French

Anna French has narrated yet another charming collection of designs in her latest Ballad.

Inspired by vintage textiles and worldly tones, the Ballad Collection is composed of elegant embroideries,

regal motifs, and luscious linens united by the pursuit of livable luxury.

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June 2012

The Lyric Collection by Anna French

Filled with whimsy and style, the Lyric Collection is timeless and filled with notes of pleasure

and indulgence in a cacophony of design.

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May 2011

The Aria Collection by Anna French

Anna French has composed a triumphant production with the Aria Collection. Poetic patterns have been woven into luxurious embroideries, cut velvets, linens and gauzy madras, creating a harmony of refinement and celebration. Balancing both feminine and masculine tones, the Aria Collection is a fresh
embrace of colour, style and function.

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April 2008

A Mix of Vintage and Modern Flair in The Wild Flora Collection by Anna French

Anna French introduces the Wild Flora Collection, a gorgeous vintage floral collection printed

in the UK that pushes the boundaries of document designs with printing techniques on foils and textured nonwoven

papers. Traditional designs are given a modern twist with mirrored flowers, white on white prints, and a

tarnished metallic effect that resembles a Venetian palace mirror.

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September 2007

Dynamic Colour and Design in The Glamour Collection by Anna French

The Glamour Collection is a dynamic array of wallpapers that pushes into the forefront of contemporary wallpaper design. Designs are grand-scale, with bold, expertly-worked colour schemes ranging from soft beiges and blues to vibrant reds, purples and blue and pink combinations. Prominent design details include fl ock, metallic foils, and mica grounds. The collection illustrates the beauty and intricacy of the printing method, with each design being printed on machines that are over 100 years old. Designer Anna French herself oversees the milling process to ensure the colours are just right.
Bold, original design and deep convictions about the strength of family have defi ned Anna French’s life. Anna says, “My children’s creative energy is an inspiration.” From the vibrant geometric designs she began producing in art school in the 1960s to the big, brilliant wallpapers that make up Glamour, Anna’s style is always evolving. Her courageous use of colour and fl air for the dramatic remain unchanged.

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